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Discussion: Should We Not Write Negative Reviews?

I keep seeing this post go around the blogsphere a lot, and I kinda want to go into that, though I kinda have been staying off the radar in that subject. For me, I will write negative reviews if it gets to the point where I can’t stand it or it’s just abruptly terrible.

It would be seen as hating on the Author?

I’m trying to wrap my head around this, because I know it makes sense, but it’s like the matter of explaining it. I feel like this is one of the against sides. So I consider myself an author of fanfiction, and I’ve seen some pretty nasty reviews on hating on a certain author, because of something that happened during a story. 

For me, I feel like this would be the case if the author had done something morally wrong like saying that LGBTQ should go to hell or something, or that all Muslims are terrorists. Those are some examples that is seen as morally wrong, that’s where I wouldn’t read their books or maybe I would, but I probably won’t rate them highly on my star scale.

  Everyone Has Different Tastes

Not everyone has the same tastes. I like fantasy a lot, and about 95% of my books are perhaps fantasy, and I like reading fantasy along with Complementary fiction now, but that wouldn’t stop me from picking up books from different genres. Even Caraval and The Bone Witch are considered bad reviews because I didn’t like them and I publicly reviewed those books since I didn’t enjoy them. I know some bloggers who wrote negative reviews about books that I enjoyed and loved.

I get that bloggers wouldn’t want to do that as they don’t want to write a review below 3 stars or whatever. But if you didn’t enjoy it and don’t share your opinion, it kinda would be seen as the book is really good, you’ll enjoy it. Those negative reviews will bring up the faults that some people may have with the book, which brings me up the next point.


Authors live for the criticism that they get from reviewers and if they describe in detail about what they didn’t like, maybe the authors can fix what they did wrong like being better with the writing, make sure the plot doesn’t drag, and all that. They know that not everyone will praise their work, but that’s fine. Heck, I point out the criticisms that I have on the book, and I’ll rate it from there.

Endless Praise for that book

Ever heard of that saying too much of a good thing is a bad thing? It gets annoying, and that’s what happens to some books. The Cruel Prince, The Hate U Give, are some primary examples of this. I gotta admit I enjoyed the Hate U Give, but the Cruel Prince was simply okay, it really wasn’t the ‘This is the best book ever’ kind of feeling.

If the hype is really good and everyone praises it, you’ll probably step away from reading that book because it gets to the point where I got tired of reading a lot of five star reads from reviewers, and makes me not want to read the book and that’s the case to people who has not read it yet.

Lets talk: Should we not write bad reviews? Tell me in the comments!

Thx for reading!


7 thoughts on “Discussion: Should We Not Write Negative Reviews?”

  1. You’ve made some great points here. I am very inclined to read negative reviews but I am not so comfortable sharing my thoughts on books that I didn’t like. Perhaps as time goes by and my writing progresses I will become more confident but for now, I like to keep my reviews balanced and share both the positive and negative factors. Very well written post!

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  2. Great discussion post! I definitely agree that all reviews are important. One of my favorite publishers always encourages reviewers to give feedback that can be helpful. If you like something in a book, explain what it was. If you didn’t like a book, also explain. As you said, might be helpful to the author and also other readers. I think the important thing is to remain respectful. For instance, I cringe whenever I see reviewers who describe certain books as trash/garbage and tell others to completely steer clear from a certain author. I just feel like that is a bit harsh but yes, all reviews are important.

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