Beat the Backlist 2019 Weekly Update #5

I don’t where to start right now, besides that I’m literally so behind on my posts. I have tomorrows post, a book review, January monthly wrap-up and work on one of the posts which hopefully should be up in about two weeks from now. I’m hoping I could do that today, because I need distractions. Distractions keep me away from thinking, and acting like my zombie-self (Yeah it’s that bad, if I’m acting like a zombie). I think I shut down after yesterday.

Fun story, no it’s really not actually. For those of who don’t know, my grandpa has stage four throat cancer was diagnosed with it back in October. I had to take a hiatus, and I basically shut down. I mean like barely responding, and ignoring everyone. I shared the cast photo and showed it to my grandpa, and that’s how this started. Also, that musical is fun, and gave me that distraction and I actually did something, more info later.

Anyways, I got the updates about what’s happening. He has 9 days left of treatment (radiation and chemo), with Wednesday being the last chemo. He has lost 20% of his hair, but he can’t talk, eat or move his head. He’s also getting weaker everyday, and basically is really sounds like he’s giving up from the text messages. I’ll keep ya’ll inform about what is happening once the 9 days is over.

Once again, I read new releases, but they were on my TBR so is it a good thing? 

Books I’ve Read Off My TBR:

Image result for it's not like it's a secretImage result for what if it's usImage result for now I rise

It’s Not Like It’s a Secret-Review coming 2/8

What If It’s Us-Review coming 2/9

Now I Rise-Review coming 2/10

Backlist Books I’m Currently Reading

Image result for we are okayImage result for carve the markImage result for touch of frost book

We Are Okay-25%

Carve The Mark-10%

Touch of Frost-56%

I’m hoping I could get back to the normal 6 books, but who knows. Hopefully, if I quit being a zombie then I could, but it depends.

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