Beat the Backlist 2019 Weekly Update #7

I haven’t heard anything special, besides that I have to go skating later and that will be interesting seeing as bruise and me not doing skating in a while, yeah that’s going to be lovely. I used to skate a lot, I used to attend almost all the school events, but those were before the accident and I never really gotten over it. I wasn’t even in fourth grade before it happened when I chipped my tooth, that was basically the last time before my “friend” invited to go skating, but that happened twice and that’s it. I haven’t been there since, so yeah. 

I’ve done good lowering my TBR down, I added a few books to my TBR, but that’s usual, and those will be gone weeks or so.

Books I’ve Read Off My TBR:

Image result for a court of frost and starlightImage result for i'll give you the sunImage result for my best friend maybeImage result for siege and stormImage result for everything everything bookImage result for the scorpio racesImage result for bright we burnImage result for beneath the haunting seaImage result for little white lies bookImage result for pride and prejudice book

A Court of Frost and Starlight-No Review Yet

I’ll Give You the Sun-Review coming 3/1

My Best Friend Maybe-Review coming 2/20

Siege and Storm-Review coming 3/3

Everything, Everything-Review coming 3/2

The Scorpio Races-Review coming 3/9

Bright We Burn-Review coming 3/10

Beneath the Haunting Sea-Review coming 3/11

Little White Lies-Review coming 3/13

Pride and Prejudice-Review coming 3/15

Related image

Backlist Books I’m Currently Reading

Image result for touch of frostImage result for truthwitchImage result for a spark of light jodi picoultImage result for ruin and risingImage result for not otherwise specified

Touch of Frost-85%


A Spark of Light-5%

Ruin and Rising-10%

Not Otherwise Specified-35%

I definitely read a lot backlist books this week than usual, but at least that lowered my TBR down a bit since I read 2 new releases, and they were on my TBR so it defiantly lowered quite a bit. 

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