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Book Review: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater


Synopsis: It happens at the start of every November: the Scorpio Races. Riders attempt to keep hold of their water horses long enough to make it to the finish line. Some riders live. Others die.

At age nineteen, Sean Kendrick is the returning champion. He is a young man of few words, and if he has any fears, he keeps them buried deep, where no one else can see them.

Puck Connolly is different. She never meant to ride in the Scorpio Races. But fate hasn’t given her much of a chance. So she enters the competition — the first girl ever to do so. She is in no way prepared for what is going to happen.

Publication Date: October 11th, 2011

Rating: Image result for 4 out of 5 stars

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My Review:

Two things: One, why did I wait so long in reading this book, and two, I like this book better than The Raven Cycle. Yeah, the raven cycle holds a special place in my heart, but this one truly out did that series, for this book simply being a standalone novel.

I liked the world-building and that it was amazing especially since it was inspired by Celtic Mythology. It could have it better with the whole traditions of the Scorpio Races and why it was started, especially since this book is a slow paced novel that doesn’t really feel like it though. The slow paced did drag a few times in the beginning, but I’m not really going to count that because it didn’t really feel that slow and all the interaction with the other characters really made up for it.

I liked Kate or well Puck as she is known. She felt more real and had more development than Sean. Puck had more backstory instead of Sean unfortunately. I really wanted to like Sean really I did, but at times he felt like he was getting pushed aside and I couldn’t get what his life was like.

I did like the secondary characters. They were quite entertaining especially Finn who I believe has OCD, but he’s such a precious cinnamon roll that I wouldn’t mind reading a whole book about him even if it means he gets to have more screen time.

Horses! I’m screaming because horses are involved, and hello I love horses so much, a little less than my mom but still. I don’t mind reading books about horses since they’re quite interesting especially when riding them and is the main focus is very entertaining.

Recommendable: Yeah

I liked this book a lot, especially if you’re a fan of Maggie Stiefvater work, and hasn’t read it yet. It’s really glad, and i’m glad I didn’t let this book drown in my TBR.

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