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The Friendship Profile Challenge Tag

I wasn’t going to bother writing any other posts today, because my cold went from lightheadedness, but feeling alright to ‘I’m dying. My head’s killing me, and I just want to take a nap’. That’s what happened, and I don’t like it.

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I was tagged by the lovely Sara.


  • Tag the creators @bookprincessreviews
  • Make the pledge that ✋ you are interested in making new blogger friends
  • Answer each question as fully as you want
  • Tag at least two other bloggers you want to get to know better


Name: Lori

Location: Colorado, USA

✋ My name is Lori, and I’m interested in making new blogger friends.

I enjoy: (check all that apply)
☑️ Twitter chats

☐ Insta chats

☑️ Wordpress comment threads

☐ Other:

Expand on that! (optional): I’m really active on Twitter for some odd reason, and literally probably spend about 50% of my free time scrolling through it. I do have an Instagram account, which I only go on once in a blue moon. I’m a little more active on WordPress, and I usually reply to comments quickly.

Conversation Starters: “Have you read this book?”, Or “I also love ____ book, let’s geek out over it?”

Follow Me: Twitter/Goodreads

I Tag: Surina/Theresa/ and whoever else wants to do it.

16 thoughts on “The Friendship Profile Challenge Tag”

  1. Oh gosh, I hope your cold has finally cleared up. 😦 I detest colds. They feel like they zap all the energy out of you. I loved your questions. I totally go straight for those when I find another book lover. And Twitter is just so easy to get lost in with the scroll. Thank you so much for doing the tag, Lori, and I loved reading it! 🙂

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