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Brave Book Tag

I love Brave. Merida is my third favorite Disney Princess with Mulan and Jasmine, being my first and second. Imagine my surprise that I saw the lovely Mandy and Sha create the Brave book tag.

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Scotland: Land of Magic, Castles, and will-o’-the-wisps

Name a magical book setting 

Definitely Aru Shah and the End of Time. The book is pretty, and I kinda really want to hang out in the Otherworld.

Clan Dunbroch: Merida’s family clan

Name your favorite bookish family/gang

Umm, I guess the Rampion Crew from The Lunar Chronicles or The Night Court from ACOTAR. It’s so hard to choose between the two.

Merida: princess, brilliant archer, and doesn’t need any man

Name a heroine who doesn’t accept her fate

Mulan?  Feyre from a Court of Mist and Fury

The Highland Games: Eligible Fight for Merida’s Hand in Marriage

Name a book where the stakes are high

Crooked Kingdom is the only one I could really think of that has very high stakes.

Changing Fate: Merida Eats Some Enchanted Cake

Name a book where you thought it was going one way, but turned out to be a whole different way

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson is like that. I totally thought Spensa’s father would reveal himself, but nope.

Elinor: Mama Turned Mama Bear

Name a character that goes through a big transformation

I really want to say Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses, but probably Aelin from Throne of Glass. She went from a deadly assassin, to being broken multiple times, to finding her mate, and getting tortured. She no longer hid from her fate, and defaintly progressed as the series went on.

Bear Brothers: Adorable, Mischievous Baby Bears

Name some of your favorite scene-stealing characters

Tessa and Eden from Legend

Mor’du: Demon Bear, Secret Prince

A Villain With a Complex Backstory 

The only one I could really think of is Evie from Sea Witch. She had a whole story dedicated to her, and it was decent.

I tag: Wendy 🏹  Rafaela 🏹 Krisha 🏹 Lisa 🏹  Denise 

3 thoughts on “Brave Book Tag”

  1. Oh, Lori, I loved reading your answers!! Aru Shah definitely had such a cool setting. I really enjoyed being immersed into it. And yes, the Night Court and Rampion Crew are certainly some amazing gangs. Sea Witch certainly came to me too for that question. I enjoyed getting a new fresh take on the back story instead of just focusing straight on the Little Mermaid. Thank you so much for doing the tag, Lori, and your post was so fun! 🙂

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